BYOC goes beyond convenience with customizable CWA and CX solutions

Mar 3, 2022

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BYOC solutions offer more than dynamic failover capabilities in the event of an outage, significant cost savings for voice services, and network-based interactive voice response options.

The IntelePeer difference is our communication workflow automation (CWA) and customer experience (CX) components. These two combine and create an innovative approach to communications with tools that enable you to customize your business’ approach to communications to your needs and your customers’ wants.

We elevate your BYOC experience with communications workflow automation

Our CWA is the opposite of a one-size-fits-all solution. You (and every one of our customers) are unique. We provide a phased approach to your communications to address your goal, analyze systems, and then better your communications with our tools. CWA is about thinking through how a connected platform can help make your customers’ experience better.

BYOC offers a safer, segmented approach for less risk

Part of a customer’s experience is receiving the same level of service anytime and anywhere. But, with one consolidated vendor, you might be stuck with customers suffering an outage when the “too-big-to-fail” provider goes down.

In late 2021 apps, streaming services, and Amazon itself relied on Amazon Web Services. AWS experienced some server downtime resulting in frustration and confusion for thousands of consumers across the globe. Amazon and hundreds of digital services experienced technical obstacles without much explanation for hours. While each incident only took a few hours to restore service, clout with individual services was damaged. Customers were angered and disappointed. This is the downfall of using one consolidated vendor.

Using our BYOC solutions means you don’t have to depend on a single hosted phone service and voice connectivity provider. Rest easy with a reliable voice back-up at the ready and manage both providers on one platform. In the event of an outage, our dynamic failover feature automatically re-routes traffic to your back-up service.

Our high standards for a bring your own carrier solution

As with all our solutions, IntelePeer provides high-end standards of service to all our customers:

  • 24/7/365 white glove U.S.-based tech support (no ticket writers, just real help)
  • Reliability with 99.999% uptime and a triple redundant, geographically diverse network
  • Expertise in CWA, CX, and SIP trunking

We take pride in breaking down big, complex problems and providing a simple and actionable solution tailored to fit our customers’ needs.

A winning BYOC and CX partner

We work with companies like Cisco and Microsoft to provide BYOC solutions that help you improve your customers’ experience. Our work with small businesses and large enterprises across the world and across retail, healthcare, and financial industries enables us to bring an all-encompassing viewpoint to the table.

Every day, we help identify and address our customers’ unknowns. We work to solve your primary goal first. Then we tackle previously hidden opportunities. It’s the bigger picture that IT, marketing, and operational departments don’t often see until all information is under one platform. Our cloud-based technology has the capability to address many nameless issues for your company, like we’re doing for one of our partners, Insight Enterprises, and one of its large retail clients.

Real world BYOC benefits: Insight Enterprises bridges PSTN with cloud capabilities

Insight Enterprises recruited IntelePeer for assistance with one of their large retail clients. Chad Gray, Senior Lead Architect at Insight Enterprises, enjoyed the flexibility our BYOC solution provided for their client. In a short amount of time, we consolidated the distributed public switched telephone network (PSTN) of their customers’ 2,000+ retail stores plus a corporate office into one cloud-based solution. We expanded their capabilities with our BYOC solution and CWA.

With our solution and platform, Insight Enterprises’ client advanced their old on-prem collaboration platform to the next generation of technology. They saw an almost unbelievable and “very significant cost savings” says Gray. With our services, they’re ready to advance their roadmap and migration to the cloud.

If you’re interested in seeing benefits like Insight Enterprises’ client, look into our BYOC and CWA tools. Want to see if BYOC is the right choice for your company? Read our BYOC infographic.

Do you want to learn more about modernizing your contact center and accelerating customer engagement with generative AI and automation? Schedule an AI and automation Customer Interaction Intent Study with IntelePeer now.  

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