Four New Year’s resolutions

Jan 16, 2018

2 minutes

With the beginning of a new year comes the personal focus on areas for growth and goal setting.

Businesses also take this time to determine what can be improved such as cost-reduction, collaboration, productivity, and customer experience. At IntelePeer, we offer business communications solutions to help tackle some of your important New Year’s resolutions.

Moving communications to the cloud

This can seem like a very daunting task, especially for a larger company.

With any big change comes unanswered questions. Where do I start? Can I keep my current phone system? How will this help my organization’s productivity and efficiency?

Saving money

There are many ways to streamline budgets as a business and determining where to start can be a challenge. One place that most businesses have an opportunity to reduce costs is around their phone service.

Our average customer saves around 40% by switching from legacy telecom to our cloud-based voice services. This frees up additional budget for other company initiatives including moving to the cloud and improving customer experience projects.

Being prepared for the unexpected

No company wants to deal with an unexpected disaster. However, things like power outages, natural disasters, and security breaches can happen. There is no better time than at the start of a new year to prepare for these potential risks. IntelePeer can be your partner to ensure business continuity and manage communications on demand in response to an unexpected event.

Building a better customer experience

Making a good first impression when customers first call into your company is important for any business and customers expect to be directed to the right place for the help they need.

Which means that it is critical to have a high-quality IVR (Interactive Voice Response) application to provide your customers with self-service options, free up customer experience teams to address complex issues, and even automate business processes. Our team of experts can customize a solution to fit your needs and budget.

Contact us to find out more about how IntelePeer can help with your business’ New Year’s resolutions.

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