Customer Acknowledgement of Atmosphere Emergency Service Set-up

Please take a moment to review this important information about the set-up associated with IntelePeer’s Atmosphere Emergency Service.

Your use of Atmosphere Emergency Services after January 6, 2022 is your acknowledgment of these limitations.

Each of the obligations set forth in this acknowledgement extend in each instance to Customer and its end users if any.

The IntelePeer Atmosphere Emergency Service set-up requires specific settings that can only be changed by Customer in IntelePeer portal.  Failure to make changes in IntelePeer Portal may result in disruption of your Atmosphere Emergency Service.

1. Customer configuration   changes include the following:

a) Customer IP address(es)
b) IP address fail over or round robin routing configuration 
c) Customer equipment static dial plans

2. Customer understands that only the below dial digit plans are acceptable for completion of emergency calls using IntelePeer’s Atmosphere Emergency Service:

a) 911
b) 1911
c) +911
d) +1911

Trailing digits will not be accepted.

3. Customer acknowledges that 933 test calls will be made for each telephone number provisioned in order to validate the location.   If any errors occur during this process, please contact us immediately for Service to work properly.

4. Customer acknowledges that sticker(s), which explain these limitations and can be found at, have been placed on all relevant VoIP devices on which the Service may be used.