Atmosphere® Inbound Voice Services


These terms for the Atmosphere® Inbound Voice Services are expressly incorporated into the Master Services Agreement entered into by IntelePeer and Customer (the “Agreement”).

1. Service Description.

1.1IntelePeer will provide origination of domestic voice traffic for direct inward dialing (“DID”) calls with termination to the Customer interconnection (“Atmosphere® Inbound Voice Service”).

1.2 Where commercially available, domestic telephone numbers associated with the Inbound Voice Services will be provided by IntelePeer or ported from the End User’s existing service provider. The timing and portability of telephone numbers from End User’s existing service provider depend on that releasing provider’s policies, and therefore are not guaranteed by IntelePeer.

1.3 The Atmosphere® Inbound Voice Service does not include any functionality or features of 911 or Emergency Service. To obtain Emergency Service from IntelePeer, Customer must adopt a separate service Attachment.

2. Rates.

2.1 IntelePeer will calculate all minute-of-use based Rates on the number of seconds from when an answer supervision signal is recorded to when a disconnect signal occurs, and will bill in six (6) second minimums with six (6) second increments.

2.2 IntelePeer will provide Rates for Atmosphere® Inbound Service as outlined in Section 4.1 of the Agreement, or on any subsequent Rate Notification.