Banking trends are continuing to dramatically shift in 2023. Today, nearly two-thirds of consumers use digital banking services. Brick and mortar branches have decreased by 9%. Yet, while a majority of millennials use digital banking, nearly 50% of baby boomers remain committed to on-site banking.

Financial institutions are in a difficult position. They need to meet both digital and on-site consumer demands. While simultaneously achieving ROI and delivering a seamless experience between online and brick and mortar branches.

The easy solution to these challenges is communications automation. Watch this webinar hosted by automation expert Michael Ciancio to learn how communications automation can be used to:

  • Quickly and easily achieve communications ROI
  • Seamlessly bridge the gap between digital and brick and mortar banking experiences.
  • Deliver digitally advanced, personalized, self-service features.
  • Simplify customer identification methods and fraud prevention
  • Ensure accelerated and secure banking

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