Aragon Research – Communications Automation Platform

The shift to Communications Automation Platforms (CAP)

Using communications automation, organizations can quickly and easily automate their applications, without developer assistance. Read the whitepaper developed by Aragon Research to learn how communications automation can help your enterprise.

Episode transcript

Enterprises are looking to automate communication so that customers and employees can have instant access to the information they need. In this research note, Aragon introduces the category of Communications Automation Platforms, or C-A-P, which can change the way enterprises integrate communications and collaboration capabilities into new app-based experiences. We predict the market for CAP to continue to grow due to the combined growth of the UCNC and intelligent context in our markets. The key takeaways for understanding CAP include next generation apps require more communications capabilities, smooth low-code experiences are vital to CAP, and customers expect transparent embedded communication.

There are key differences between CAP and traditional communications offerings. These new platforms make it easier to edit and develop communications applications. CAP’s help organizations unify siloed business processes to deliver integrated communication across the business. One example of a CAP provider is IntelePeer, which offers a modern platform that leverages low-code and no-code techniques to facilitate workflow automation and omnichannel communications and next generation applications. To learn more about this emerging market please read the full research note by analyst Jim Lundy.