Build automated omnichannel communication workflows

IntelePeer SmartFlows empowers employees across the entire to create and manage omnichannel communication workflows. The simple drag-and-drop interface allows you to enhance your entire communications strategy in minutes. Whether you are in marketing, customer support, or just short on development resources, it’s easy to build, automate, and integrate communications anywhere your business needs it — no coding required. IntelePeer SmartFlows was created by our team of customer experience experts to meet the needs of the most demanding enterprises.

  • Create consistent experiences to offer the best user experience possible with complete control over inbound and outbound communications.
  • Automate interactions and make manual processes a thing of the past with workflows deployment triggers based on customer behavior.
  • Integrate IntelePeer SmartFlows with your existing business and communications applications such as CRM, billing, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and more.
  • Leverage built-in AI including IBM Watson Assistant, Amazon Polly, and Google to enhance interactions with your customers.
Omni-Channel Workflow Communications & CPaaS | IntelePeer® smartflows

Enhance processes across the business

Customer service

Optimize customer support with self-service options, trouble ticket status notifications, and feedback gathering and responses.


Integrate with billing systems and improve processes with payment reminders and collection, two-factor authentication, and balance checks.


Create a personalized journey for your customers with SMS, voice, chat, and email campaigns to increase customer engagement while streamlining processes for your team.


Easily deploy and integrate into your existing infrastructure, streamline trouble tickets, send internal alerts, and gain real-time visibility across your network to make better decisions.

Human resources

Send out company-wide notifications and easily handle employee requests such as scheduling or benefits administration with chat bots.