IntelePeer’s low-code Payment Processing Connector application

Virtualize your business’ customer payments: Shorten development time, deploy with ease today

  • Expand your business’ payment processing capabilities
  • Collect business revenue faster, empower customers with immediate, simple, and reliable phone payment capabilities

Collect faster with IntelePeer’s easy-to-build, low-code Payment Processing Connector application — empower customers to pay bills from anywhere, anytime. Experience these business benefits:

  • Simplify deployment of customer payment solution: Leverage IntelePeer’s easy, intuitive workflow builder interface set up for customized phone payment processing, and launch in hours vs. investing weeks to months in developing and deploying from scratch.
  • Ensure timely and secure payment collections: Protect against payment delays from website outages or fraud risks — meet your collection deadlines by offering phone payments as an alternative channel to web.
  • Accelerate your business time to market: Shrink development schedules and maximize your staffing budget with faster app building time. Start collecting and recognizing business revenue earlier with speedy time to value.

Application features:

Customizable Smartflows®

Build specific workflows that align with your business needs using IntelePeer’s Smartflows®, an intuitive-based GUI business process builder that is simple.

Managed Solutions

IntelePeer offers personalized implementation support to help you implement customizations and integrations specific to your business processes. We can even deploy the application end-to-end on your behalf, with no developer resources needed from you.

Smart IVR

Optimize your staffing for shorten wait times, save on staffing costs with intelligent automation, answer common questions in a fraction of the time, and boost your overall customer satisfaction. This solution features Natural Language Processing (NLP), allowing businesses to easily configure a message to respond to customer emails and text messages — automatically.

Low-code snap-ins:

With IntelePeer’s Payment Processing Connector application, little time is needed for development. This pre-built application requires minimal coding, featuring the ability to snap in already-built code into existing business workflows and integrate with your existing software.

Why your customers will also enjoy our Payment Processing Connector:

  • Expanded payment options from web-only channel to phone.
  • Automated payment collection with the need for a live agent eliminated. Less time needed for payment and payment fees eliminated.
  • Alternative payment channel in the event of a web outage.
  • Identity and fraud protection to keep personal contact and credit card information safe.

What makes us different:

Customized integration:
With IntelePeer’s Payment Processing Connector, you can easily integrate your existing business processes and applications using our simple Smartflows® drag-and-drop tool. Alternative payment processing companies do not offer this option as an easy, out-of-the-box capability.

Partnership with industry leader:
IntelePeer’s partners with SLIMCD, the industry’s top preferred provider for safe payment processing with direct internet gateway connection to credit card companies. SLIMCD features end-to-end credit card processing integration protection — featuring built-in fraud screening.

Business use cases:

  • A retail company is experiencing a web outage and needs a simple and alternative payment option to collect customer purchase payments over the phone. A new insurance agency customer needs to enroll for the first time in automated payment processing via the phone, and quickly make a credit card payment, while preventing fraud and keeping their personal information secure. A financial institution is required to offer PCI-compliant payment processing. Instead of going through the process of becoming certified, and building an app from scratch, they need a pre-built low-code application that they can plug-and-play — as well as customize for their needs.
  • A professional services firm uses several different vendors for their payment processing. They want to consolidate their phone payment vendors, and implement a one-stop-shop for all their payment processing needs.