IntelePeer’s no-code and low-code application suite for communication workflow automation (CPaaS)

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What is Marketplace and why?

Marketplace is the CPaaS industry’s only suite of pre-built, plug-and-play, no-code and low-code communications and customer experience applications. Now, you can solve common communication needs for your business in a matter of minutes, instead of spending weeks and months building a solution from scratch.

With Marketplace applications, you can start saving big on developer resources and time — and start experiencing the benefits of AI, automation, and streamlined processes to help improve your business efficiency and ROI — faster.

How it works

No-code applications

Setting up your no-code Marketplace applications is really as simple as “1-2-3.” Marketplace no-code applications provide an intuitive GUI-based, plug-and-play builder tool that will guide you step-by-step in configuring your business communication solutions — in no time.

  1. Quickly answer a short list of step-by-step questions to set up each application, tailoring each to your specific business needs and processes.
  2. Choose which phone numbers you want to connect to each app.
  3. Click the “Deploy” button, and start using your application solutions immediately.
Low-code applications

Need more personalized, advanced solutions with specific integration and automation capabilities?

Low-code solutions offer templated workflows available in IntelePeer’s SmartFlows platform — where you can easily modify robust, pre-built workflows to meet your specific communication needs — and incorporate them into your existing workflows.

Don’t have developer resources to customize your solutions in SmartFlows?

IntelePeer’s Managed Services team can provide full end-to-end customization support, saving you valuable time and resources. You’ll get white-glove assistance, delivered directly from the same engineers who built Marketplace.

All Marketplace applications are enterprise-grade and always backed by IntelePeer’s platform with built-in 99.999% reliability, unlimited scalability, multi-layer security, and 3x redundancy.

Available applications

Smart routing

Intelligently route calls using different models such as percent-based routing and day of the week.


Smart IVR

Set up your IVR system in minutes. Tailor your phone tree menus and messages with ease.


Auto response

Easily configure messages for automatically responding to your customers’ text and phone calls.


Digital assistant

Engage your customer better by providing intelligent call routing based on natural language processing (NLP).


Payment processing connector

Securely allow your customers to submit a credit card payment over the phone.


Post call survey

Build and deploy enterprise-grade phone surveys to capture customer feedback with unlimited storage.


Business continuity planning

Ensure seamless continuity when the unexpected happens with pre-built flows for alternative routing.


Two-factor authentication

Adds an extra layer of security and protection beyond username and password.


Advanced customization (unhook)

Further customize any Marketplace app to your needs by unhooking and opening the logic flow.


Market leadership

With its ingenuity, advanced UX and innovative, industry-leading capabilities, Marketplace has been named:

Future Innovation

IntelePeer is dedicated to the continued innovation and release of additional Marketplace applications, features and functionalities as communication trends and business needs evolve.