Gain on-demand visibility into omnichannel customer interactions with Insights

Create a better customer experience with actionable, real-time analytics

Communications are at the center of your customer experience, and customer experience is at the center of your business. As part of our communications workflow automation platform, Insights gives you access to intuitive visual dashboards and data streams, so you can analyze interactions across various channels and deliver the best possible experience to your customers.

Track customer interactions across channels and applications

Insights captures all customer interactions across the platform and integrated third-party business applications to turn communication content into value. Whether the conversation starts via phone call, text message, or social channel, Insights can mine these valuable interactions to create powerful intelligence.

Visualize data the way you want with drill-down and filtering capabilities

Our intuitive dashboards capture real-time and historical data in easy-to-read tables and graphs. You can even access underlying data to further slice and dice and identify trends across interactions and channels.

Check out some of our dashboards by clicking the tiles below:

Drive KPIs with diagnostic analytics and alerts

Maintain visibility into your customer interactions by tracking the analytics that matter most to your business.

  • Set up alerts based on thresholds or anomalies
  • Subscribe to dashboard summary reports via email
  • Schedule notifications by frequency and time zone

Integrate with existing analytics platforms using APIs to complete the full picture

If you are already using an analytics platform or prefer to build your own dashboards, leverage our APIs to integrate with our platform and automate the delivery of raw customer interaction information. Get your data on-demand, filter based on different time frames, or schedule it and have it delivered directly to your inbox.

Future innovation

IntelePeer is committed to your data and analytics needs. As communications evolve, we’re
continuously innovating — from simple enhancements to advanced capabilities — and look forward
to supporting your future customer journeys with the analytical power of Insights.