Expand your enrollment and student engagement with communications automation

Omnichannel communications automation platform for higher education

Students expect a seamless digital experience with their institution. Not only do they want to choose which channels they use to communicate, they also expect information to be available immediately at their fingertips.

To meet these student expectations, institutions must accelerate the implementation of automation with AI and analytics across each stage of their student lifecycle. However, disparate and antiquated technologies hinder educator’s abilities to provide a connected, future-proof experience to their students and faculty.

  • 64% of administrators, HR, and IT professionals in higher education have concerns about technology silos.*
  • 85% of admission staff are very concerned about reaching institution enrollment targets.*
  • 71% of higher education institutions are facing significant challenges in employee productivity.*

*Source: People Admin

In today’s ever-changing education market, smart communications automation is critical to achieving future enrollment and student engagement growth. Is your institution harnessing your student data across channels and locations to maximize revenues? With the growth of hybrid learning models, institutions must be able to seamlessly connect their online and offline student journey — and provide them with the right plans, at the right time, and in the right places.

IntelePeer’s Communications Automation Platform for Higher Education brings you a single solution that delivers a personalized omnichannel student experience with robust, built-in AI and integration capabilities. Institutions can now significantly optimize their student awareness and interactions with a 360-degree omnichannel experience that invokes action.

By implementing IntelePeer, educators can experience these benefits and more:

  • Increased student and parent awareness
  • More on-campus visits
  • Higher application and enrollment rates
  • Staffing productivity optimization and decreased staffing costs
  • Greater response rates in student, faculty and alumni surveys
  • Shorter call resolution times and better call completion rates
  • Eliminated downtime and outage costs
  • Lower appointment cancellation rates and cost savings
  • Better student experience with a seamless omnichannel journey

Enhancing the student experience

A leading enterprise education customer uses dynamic alphanumeric password reset and automates responses to student questions. This results in lowering 2,500 person hiring — saving millions in HR, IT, and employee expenditures.

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The IntelePeer for education offer includes:

Self-service resources

Provide degree-specific information for students and parents to access and engage directly, without having to communicate with a live enrollment specialist.

Student/faculty notifications

Send mass notifications to your students/faculty in real time, alerting them of time-sensitive updates on schedules, weather, application status, emergencies, and more.

Student surveys/insights

Collect valuable engagement data across in-person phone, SMS, chat, and social interactions. Distribute automated surveys to better understand student needs and satisfaction.

Enrollment automation

Build automated communication workflows to communicate with students and parents across SMS, phone, chat, and social channels.

Appointment management

Scheduling, reminder, and rescheduling via phone, SMS, and chat for students — on-campus or virtual.

Alumni relations

Engage with alumni across multiple channels, and request, collect, and manage donations on-the-go.