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Customer Interaction Intent Study

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Automating customer interactions ensures a consistent and accurate customer experience, allows agents the opportunity to focus on value-added tasks, and saves costs along the way. But where do you start?

IntelePeer’s Customer Interaction Intent Study uses insights generated from your own interaction data to identify and quantify high-value interaction automation opportunities that are aligned with the needs of the business, offering the ideal starting point for your interaction automation journey.

Customer Interaction Intent Study benefits

Focus on results and ROI:

  • Data-driven approach to automation
  • Target interactions with the greatest impact
  • Quantified results specific to the business


Acquire interaction data

Intent processing

Analyze results


Customer Interaction Intent Study results

The IntelePeer Customer Interaction Intent Study identifies and quantifies the intents — the why of the interactions — providing valuable insight for automating interactions, targeting those that offer the greatest impact and desired outcomes for the business.

  • Intent hierarchy: Table of intent categories and intents
  • Intent analysis results: Number of interactions, average duration, and agent hours per intent
  • Intent automation impact: Automation goal and savings expected per targeted intent(s)