Agent off loading through automation and self-service

Improve customer experience and reduce the strain on your contact center

Contact centers are facing unprecedented times. An increased volume of inquiries from customers, questions around how they are running their business during this time, if there are new operating hours, or if services can be fulfilled are all daily requests. With agents now working from home and partially-staffed contact centers, it is challenging for businesses to address everything in a timely manner. This leads to longer wait times and frustrated customers.

Look to automation to easily take care of these inquires and reduce the strain on your agents. You’ll be able to offload incoming communications to your agents, allow customers to solve issues on their own, and even proactively notify customers and employees of changes in real-time.

Handle up to 50% of inbound requests automatically

By offloading inbound inquiries with automation and self-service, contact centers can handle two times their typical call volume. A company with 100 agents could see $2 million in annual cost savings.

A financial services company recently leveraged our platform to launch a brand new customer project, handling 1.5 million new account activation requests in one month. A Fortune 500pharmaceutical company uses IntelePeer to automate patient interactions – with 100%customer self-service for medication inquiries, prescription reminders, and refill requests.

Reduce agent talk time with self-service options

Gartner predicts by 2022, 85% of customer service interactions will start with self-service. This is quickly becoming the customer preference when initiating customer interactions. Companies use IntelePeer’s Communications Platform as a Service to enable automation and self-service for phone calls, text messages, and social messaging such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Examples of self-service options include:

  • Business hours
  • Technical support requests
  • Critical service announcements
  • Bill payment
  • Where to buy your products

Results faster than you expect

Contact centers use IntelePeer’s CPaaS to improve customer experience and business operations through inbound automation and agent offloading.

Whether you want to build it yourself, or you want a turn-key solution from IntelePeer’s Managed Services, you can deliver measurable results in days rather than months or years.

One IntelePeer customer handling inbound calls from direct response advertisements increased re-engagement of abandoned calls by 400% within days.

Start small, easily grow

One of the best things about CPaaS is the ability to right-size solutions for your needs now and in the future. A basic automation today could easily turn into an intelligent virtual assistant in the future with AI capabilities embedded directly into our platform. Plus, we have an analytics suite that tracks all of the interactions across the platform so you can measure and improve your communications and workflows on demand.

A phased-approach to automation

  1. Solution design and onboarding
  2. Deploy first inbound automation
  3. Automate outbound notifications
  4. Deploy second inbound automation and AI
  5. Measure and optimize