Actions HR Teams Can Take Now During The COVID-19 Crisis

Maintain company culture & keep employees informed

Between remote employees, a feeling of uncertainty, and a need for more frequent internal communications, HR teams have an increased workload. Managing the impacts of the current global pandemic puts more strain on HR departments who are still trying to keep up with their normal tasks such as benefits, time management, hiring and onboarding, and more. Here are some quick ways you can lighten the load and keep employees together in times of crisis.

Send employee notifications

Whether it’s an invite to a virtual happy hour, wellness tips, or a company update, you can cut through the clutter of email and reach your team through text messages or phone calls. Text messages are a great way to reach your team quickly and have an open rate of 98%!

Automate responses and processes

Create an automated bot that can handle standard requests such as requesting sick time, getting that week’s schedule, and retrieving vacation balance. Employees will appreciate how easy it is to take care of these things through SMS or social messaging channels, while you can focus on more critical tasks such as remote work policies, working with insurance providers, and keeping up staff morale.

Make it all happen with IntelePeer CPaaS

IntelePeer’s CPaaS is the toolkit you need to lighten the load and maintain internal communications. Quickly upload a list and send out messages using IntelePeer’s Engage in a matter of minutes. Use in combination with IntelePeer SmartFlows for more customized and automated voice, SMS, or social channel notifications. Automate HR processes and set up the chat bot with the drag-and-drop capabilities of IntelePeer’s SmartFlows. This may sound complicated to set up, but we’ve got your back with pre-built workflow templates and a team of experts who can build it for you.