Lucency improves the performance, reliability, and impact of its customer experience and context platform with IntelePeer


Lucency is a technology company headquartered in Lehi, Utah. Its cloud-based platform turbocharges businesses’ customer experience (CX) capabilities by connecting website data to the contact center. The Lucency platform delivers call center agents with real-time customer context data derived from the customers’ active website activity, interactive voice response (IVR) and intelligent virtual agent (IVA) contacts, and customer messaging applications.


A segment of Lucency’s platform relies on dynamic rotating phone numbers and a telephony platform to link real-time website data with contact center agents. However, the company’s existing telephony provider was failing to meet three of its needs:

  • Real-time data velocity
  • Reliability
  • Visibility into the customer journey

The first issue was around data velocity. Lucency’s platform must operate in real-time to be of use to call center agents engaged in a live customer interaction. The company’s legacy provider was simply not fast enough, proving unable to relay telephony data back to the Lucency platform in sufficient time.

The second issue was reliability. Andrew Hill, COO of Lucency, explains: “Our clients need to know that there’s going to be close to zero downtime on their connections, and that if there’s an unavoidable issue it will be fixed quickly. We were unable to achieve that with our legacy provider and we realized that the time had come to move on.”

While looking to change telephony providers, Lucency was also seeking a company that could help it leverage additional artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technologies. “Specifically, we wanted a partner that could help us augment our connections with IVRs and AVRs [automated voice response],” says Hill. “We were looking to reduce friction in these channels and, when required, to provide human agents with immediate visibility into the customer journey up to the point of contact. After all, understanding what a customer has just been through is key to delivering a great experience.”


Having evaluated a variety of options, Lucency selected Communications Automation Platform (CAP) provider IntelePeer to serve its needs. Hill explains: “With IntelePeer, we get everything in one place: both connectivity and intelligent automation workflows. IntelePeer has solutions around bots, natural language processing, and AI, which when connected to our services and APIs, allow us to better channel context data to and from customers’ IVR and AVR applications. They also have the speed and reliability to relay telephony data back into our platform.”

Lucency deployed IntelePeer’s industry-leading CAP. “Implementation was an easy process. The platform itself is very intuitive to integrate into our product. And, if we had a question, customer service and tech support were there to answer us immediately,” adds Hill.

Through the platform, Lucency uses SmartFlows™ to design IVR and AVR workflows for its clients to capture context data and transfer that data via IntelePeer’s SIP (session initiation protocol) (IntelePeer’s seamless and flexible SIP trunking technology) into clients’ telephony platforms. Lucency also uses IntelePeer’s Insights to combine actionable, on-demand visibility into live telephone calls with marketing and context data to build the fullest possible picture of the client’s customer.


Increased data velocity and reliability: Since deploying IntelePeer’s technology, Lucency has experienced no issues around connectivity or the timely delivery of telephony data into its platform.

Improved performance: Through IntelePeer, Lucency can add greater volumes of context data to its platform. This capability improves outcomes for Lucency’s customers including an average reduction of over 60 seconds in call handling times and a conversion rate increase of between 500 and 1,000 basis points.

Ease of use: The integration of IntelePeer’s technology was seamless, and the process of routing calls for clients and updating Lucency’s platform with information from IVRs and AVRs was highly intuitive.

New growth opportunities: With IntelePeer, Lucency can build new revenue streams by innovating new products that leverage its context platform. Already the company is building new self-service implementation capabilities that leverage IntelePeer’s technology.

“IntelePeer doesn’t just treat us as another client—they actively partner with us to make our solutions a success. This is a big factor that we’ve missed from other vendors.”

Andrew Hill



“I have worked with many telephony platforms throughout my career. IntelePeer has one of the best customer service teams, outstanding technical expertise, and one of the most reliable platforms that I’ve come across so far.”

Andrew Hill