How a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer uses hyper-automation and AI

Company boosts customer engagement and operational efficiency with AI-powered communications automation


A leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company strategically utilizes IntelePeer’s Communications Automation Platform (CAP) to elevate its outreach and interaction strategies. By embracing cutting-edge hyper-automation and AI, this pharmaceutical powerhouse has unlocked a new paradigm in customer engagement and operational efficiencies.


The company encountered a variety of challenges in meeting their customer’s evolving needs. These challenges encompassed providing comprehensive support, including the facilitation of medication reminders, seamless automation of prescription refills, and the efficient delivery of medications. Navigating these intricate customer requirements demanded a tailored solution that not only addressed the complexity of pharmaceutical information management, but also ensured a smooth and customer-centric experience.


In response to the complex challenges faced by the pharmaceutical company, IntelePeer’s hyper-automation and AI became a transformative solution.

By leveraging the capabilities of IntelePeer’s CAP, information dissemination for a staggering 80 pharmaceutical brands was automated, resulting in the elimination of manual agent handling of inquiries.

This solution not only streamlined the process of setting up medication reminders, automating prescription refills, and ensuring medication deliveries, but also significantly enhanced the efficiency and scalability of the pharmaceutical information management system.

How they used IntelePeer’s CAP

Integration of IntelePeer’s Communications Automation Platform (CAP) was executed seamlessly within the pharmaceutical company’s operations. The incorporation of CAP was facilitated through the utilization of the intuitive omnichannel workflow builder, SmartFlows™. This streamlined their existing business processes and propelled the organization towards unparalleled operational efficiency.

The combination of hyper-automation and AI within IntelePeer’s CAP allowed the pharmaceutical company to not only meet but significantly exceed their operational benchmarks. The company experienced immediate cost savings and positioned itself to manage customer feedback and decrease their call resolution time to address customer needs more efficiently.

Driving enhanced customer experiences and operational efficiencies

Empower your business with IntelePeer’s hyper-automation and AI solutions to stay ahead of customer service challenges and enhance revenue streams.


Elevated customer experience

The incorporation of automated reminders played a pivotal role in aiding customers with monthly refills and daily medication intake. This fostered proactive and personalized engagement with customers.

Strategic cost reduction and operational efficiency

Call routing strategies effectively reduced communication costs, redirecting agents to focus on more high-value tasks.

Upgraded existing system for more innovative capabilities

IntelePeer’s CAP eliminated the need to replace the company’s existing communication system, providing enhanced automation capabilities without rip-and-replace.

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