IntelePeer case studies

Explore IntelePeer’s case studies to see innovative hyper-automation and generative AI solutions by the numbers. You’ll learn how IntelePeer streamlines communications automation with advanced AI, helping businesses and contact centers reduce costs, enhance customer experience, and accelerate ROI — all without ripping and replacing your current platform.

Our user-friendly, vendor-neutral platform seamlessly integrates AI-driven automation within existing business setups, enabling swift and effortless process automation. Review the case studies below to discover how our cutting-edge technology resolves challenges, maintains context, and elevates the customer journey across various channels.

An education company

An education company sought to minimize their 2,500-person workforce demand for hiring during peak seasons (fall and spring semesters). The company was looking for a reliable self-service solution to automate their student inquiries using dynamic alphanumeric password reset and an FAQ for the college.

IntelePeer Smart Automation powered by generative AI.


  • Saved millions in HR, IT spend, and labor costs
  • Deal size of $540K annually

A fintech company

A fintech company faced the challenge of swiftly implementing a program for a large influx of new subscribers, requiring a launch with minimal reliance on live agents, if any at all.

IntelePeer’s Communications Automation Platform (CAP) to automate millions of customer interactions.


  • Seamlessly automated up to 5,000 concurrent calls
  • Less than 3 months to fully implement solution
  • Increased company revenue by enabling live agents to focus on upselling vs. manual tasks

A fitness chain

Meeting the goal of increasing membership and streamlining the member nurturing process while mitigating human costs posed difficulties due to underutilized sales counselors. This resulted in missed opportunities for membership conversion and staffing issues. Addressing these complexities was essential for finding an effective solution.

IntelePeer’s Communications Automation Platform (CAP) to send messages to guests requiring a downloadable guest pass to schedule club visit appointments.


  • 30% conversion of leads to in-person appointments scheduled achieved, without interaction from a human staff member

A healthcare company

Challenge: A healthcare company was challenged to find a better way to handle their high-touch customer questions while enhancing their customer experience. They also wanted to avoid hiring more people during busy times like open enrollment.

Solution: IntelePeer’s Smart Automation + Managed Solutions to deliver an automated call flow for inbound and outbound interactions.


  • Deflected over 46% of calls from live agents with self-service options

A health insurance company

Challenge: The health insurer was challenged with managing a call volume that was growing by over 200% each year, directly linked to the increasing membership. This complex situation was further complicated by the presence of over 7,000 agents spread across five different business process outsourcing (BPO) entities, operating in five distinct contact center environments.

Solution: IntelePeer’s Communications Automation Platform (CAP) for self-service, advanced routing, and back-office integration.


  • 60% self-service rate
  • 40M+ calls automated in 2022
  • 75%+ call containment achieved with generative AI
  • 5,000 concurrent calls reliably automated
  • 75% reduction in on-prem to CCAAS migration efforts

A financial services firm

Challenge: The financial services firm needed to boost their self-service usage to decrease the number of calls transferred to agents. The goal was to enhance their customer experience by minimizing the need for live agent interactions and, in turn, lowering overall agent costs through automation modeled to replicate existing agent processes.

Solution: Conversational IVA that sits in front of Nice CXOne to self-service calls and only hands off
calls requiring live agent assistant to Nice CXOne.


  • 40% automation rate in 90 days for card services and banking application
  • Simplified call flow with a faster time-to-value

A financial services firm

Challenge: The insurance distributor was dealing with collecting payments and having few agents available, at a high cost. Another issue was making sure agents spent their time on important tasks, like selling, instead of less valuable ones.

Solution: IntelePeer’s Smart Automation + Managed Solutions assisted with payment reminders to increase cash flow.


  • 24% increase in self-service payments
  • $2.3M in additional fees collected
  • 22% decrease in agent calls

A finserv company

Challenge: With FlipCX, call containment was capped at 60%, and manual procedures were in place for payment processing, fare estimates, and managing frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Solution: SmartAgent Diamond with Managed Solutions Premier.


  • 60% to 80% increase in call containment
  • 7 agents eliminated
  • $1M TCV

A furniture chain store

Challenge: Efficiently reaching individual employees or groups with crucial or emergency notifications was a necessity for the furniture chain, given its organizational structure around stores, districts, and regions. A simple communications solution was needed for specific groups of affected individuals.

Solution: IntelePeer’s Smart Automation allowed the furniture store to submit audience and message data to instantly communicate with its employees.


  • 10x reduction in notification time achieved

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