Revolutionizing patient experience: How IntelePeer’s hyper-automation and AI solutions elevate healthcare strategies for enhanced patient satisfaction and ROI


Learn how a leading healthcare company uses IntelePeer’s Communications Automation Platform (CAP) to enhance patient experience through advanced automation and seamless integration. This case study provides an insightful overview of healthcare organizations seeking to optimize and personalize their patient interactions.


The healthcare organization faced challenges in efficiently addressing patient inquiries, particularly in delivering crucial information on topics such as drug interactions, side effects, and refill reminders. With these inquiries predominantly handled by live agents, the existing process resulted in prolonged hold times for patients.


By successfully adopting IntelePeer’s cutting-edge Communications Automation Platform (CAP), the healthcare company was able to enhance patient personalization and streamline operations. Through the implementation of CAP, the healthcare organization experienced notable improvements, including expedited response times for patient inquiries, efficient prescription management, side effects information dissemination, and timely refill reminders. The comprehensive, AI-powered CAP solution has been instrumental in optimizing patient experiences and operational efficiency — all powered by hyper-automation and AI.

How they used IntelePeer’s CAP

The healthcare company integrated IntelePeer’s CAP into their business processes, leveraging IntelePeer’s proprietary, intuitive omnichannel workflow builder, SmartFlows™. With SmartFlows, the company was able to quickly automate their business processes, driving unparalleled operational efficiency and higher patient satisfaction.

Future-ready patient experience

Empower your healthcare business with IntelePeer’s hyper-automation and AI solutions to stay ahead of patient service challenges and enhance revenue streams. Contact us to explore our tailored CAP solution and to achieve higher patient satisfaction and business growth.


Improved patient experience

The introduction of self-service patient management features has been a game-changer for the healthcare organization, leading to a substantial decrease in hold times for individuals seeking assistance. Additionally, IntelePeer’s AI-powered automated reminders have proven instrumental in aiding patients with monthly prescription refills and daily medication adherence.

Cost and process optimization

The intelligent routing has not only decreased communication costs but has also empowered agents to redirect their focus towards more high-value tasks. This forward-thinking approach is proving to be a game-changer, enhancing efficiency and enabling the team to contribute even more effectively to high-impact initiatives.

No system replacement

IntelePeer’s AI-powered CAP solution integrated seamlessly with the healthcare organization’s existing infrastructure, avoiding the need to replace their current system. By effortlessly layering CAP over their current contact center, the organization swiftly modernized its patient experience without disruption, reaping the advantages of a more efficient and future-proof solution.

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