Transportation Company

A medical transportation company uses IntelePeer’s CPaaS to enhance contact center operations and interact with customers through multiple channels.

Challenge: Wanted to improve customer communications for pick-ups, arrivals, service notifications, post-service surveys, and more.


  • VP of Technology
  • Director of Technology

How they use IntelePeer’s CPaaS

  • SIP delivers inbound calls to contact center agents.
  • SMS sends service notification and reservation messages.
  • SmartFlows + Engage is planned to support Post-Trip Surveys, Customer Reminders, Coupons, Employee Notifications, and more.

Benefits gained from using IntelePeer’s CPaaS

  • Customer Experience: Reliable service supporting 24×7 call center enables company to deliver the service and support its customers demand.
  • Customer Experience: Omnichannel communications enable timely delivery of service-related notifications.

Why they chose IntelePeer:

  • Strong technical expertise and outstanding customer service has positioned IntelePeer as a strategic provider.
  • Speed of delivery beginning with enabling voice for 3 contact centers in 48 hours when existing provider failed, and then again enabling migration of SMS messaging from existing provider within 48 hours when their service failed.

Transportation Dial flow

This is one of the flows that the company uses to deliver a better customer experience. This flow allows a user to text in to receive a call from a customer service agent so that the customer is not waiting on hold and can receive the call at their convenience.

Key actions included:

Inbound SMS: Prepares the flow for an incoming SMS.

Condition: As a control action, Condition determines the path of the user. If the user’s message contains “agent” they will receive a call from an agent. If it does not, they are sent an SMS explaining to text “agent” for assistance.

SMS: Sends a text back to the user.

Dial: Calls the number that the incoming text was sent from.

Transfer: Once the call is dialed, Transfer connected the caller to a customer service agent.

Hang Up: Ends the call if the issue is resolved or if the caller does not answer within 45 seconds.

SMS & External Web Call: If the caller is not connected to the agent or there are other issues, they are sent an SMS that they will be contacted by an agent shortly and their information is sent to an internal database (connected via API in External Web Call).