Public Utility Company

A Fortune 1000 public utility company is enhancing Contact Center operations and improving customer and employee engagement with Atmosphere CPaaS.

Challenge: Significant increases in call volume due to natural disasters and service outages led to long wait times, poor information flow, and decreased productivity for call center agents.

Atmosphere users

  • Contact Center
  • Employee Communications
  • External Affairs
  • Regional Technical Support

How they use Atmosphere

  • Atmosphere SmartFlows + Atmosphere Voice enables deflection of inbound calls.
  • Atmosphere SIP delivers inbound calls to contact center agents and local calling for regional offices.
  • Atmosphere Engage + Atmosphere SMS deliver critical employee and customer notifications.

Benefits gained from using Atmosphere

  • Reduced labor costs: Call deflection reduces need to staff to inbound call peak volumes during emergency situations.
  • Improved Employee Engagement: SMS messages cut through the noise of daily emails to deliver critical HR messages.
  • Improved Customer Engagement: SMS messages ensure timely delivery of critical service information.

Why they chose IntelePeer:

  • Industry-leading service reliability keeps the call center running.
  • Atmosphere SmartFlows makes it easy to set up and manage inbound call deflection.
  • Atmosphere services are independent of premises infrastructure that can go down from time to time.
  • Atmosphere Engage makes it easy to setup and send outbound notifications.

Public Utility Opt-out flow

This is one of the flows the company uses to automate processes. This flow allows a user to opt-out, ask for help, or subscribe to messages. A user texts in and receives a specific response based on their message. Their request is then sent to an internal database. This automation allows customers to easily manage their contact preferences without having to directly speak with the company, which also saves the company time and money.

Key actions included:

Inbound SMS: Prepares the flow for an incoming message.

Switch: As a control action, Switch determines the path of the user based on the message that they text in.

  • If the user’s message contains STOP, END, QUIT, CANCEL, or UNSUBSCRIBE, they are sent a message about being unsubscribed to messages.
  • If the user’s message contains HELP, they are texted a number to call.
  • If the user’s message contains UNSTOP, they are re-subscribed to messages.

External Web Call: Sends the information to an internal database.