AI Governance

IntelePeer knows how important it is to use artificial intelligence (AI) in workflows across the workplace, internally and externally. However, it’s crucial to ensure that AI development, implementation, and usage are responsible and protect data according to our corporate policies, legal requirements, and industry standards.

That’s why IntelePeer has adopted its AI Governance Policy to outline proper use of AI tools in our internal business operations, as well as any AI functionality of our communications automation platform. Our policy focuses on accountability, transparency, reliability and safety, data governance, compliance with laws and industry standards, and fairness and inclusivity, which are all key elements for responsible AI usage.

Our AI Governance Policy covers the development, implementation, and usage of our AI Solutions that could be used for customer service, employee automation, network planning and operations, advertising, content and creative assistance, employee knowledge search, test and code script generation, and contract analysis and negotiations.

We ensure accountability for our AI Solutions with review and approval for use by a cross-functional AI Governance Team that provides oversight, insights, and guidance about developing, deploying, and managing AI, whether developed internally or acquired from a third party.

Transparency is a critical element of responsible AI usage, so we document how and what data is collected, processed, updated, and stored by the AI Solution. We define proposed inputs, algorithms used, intended uses, testing parameters, outputs, and the persons impacted by the decisions made on the output.

Our goal is to develop and maintain safe and reliable AI Solutions that perform as originally designed, while resisting intended or unintended manipulation or hallucination. For code generation purposes, IntelePeer employees, contractors and vendors may only implement AI Solutions pre-approved by our AI Governance Team.

Data governance is always a top priority for us. We take reasonable safeguards in accordance with the IntelePeer Information Security Policies to secure Protected Data used in or with AI Solutions during collection, labeling, enrichment, and aggregation. To that end, we define the data requirements for each AI Solution’s intended use cases, and encrypt all data stored or used in the database(s) of any IntelePeer AI Solution in transit and at rest.

We are committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations governing the use of AI Solutions, including data protection, privacy, intellectual property, and anti-discrimination laws. We recognize the potential for bias in AI Solutions and seek to promote fairness and mitigate bias against individuals or groups based on gender, race, sexual orientation, sociaoeconomic status, or religion in the design and selection of the AI Solutions used.

At IntelePeer, we value ethical and responsible AI usage. Our AI Governance Policy ensures that our AI Solutions are developed, implemented, and used in a way that aligns with our corporate values and industry standards. We strive to promote fairness, inclusivity, and transparency in all aspects of our AI usage.