Marketplace’s low-code Payment Processing Connector App

Accelerate omnichannel customer payments over the phone

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I’d like to pay my bill


Is it your gas bill?
Would you like to pay the full amount?




Can you please verify your birthday?

Empower your businesses to go to market faster and more securely

The low-code Payment Processing Connector requires minimal development to set up and deploy. Empower your business with the ability to go to market faster with a suite of easy module that securely allow your customers to submit a credit card payment over the phone. This application integrates with your existing payment gateway solution via our partnership with Slim CD.

No developing from scratch

Plug in easily

Save months of developer resources, overhead, and time with the pre-built Payment Processing Connector that connects with your company’s current systems.

How it workS

Keep your gateway. Tailor the app.

Featuring intuitive visual drag-and-drop SmartFlows, the Payment Processor solution allows you to integrate the application with your current business workflows and processes. You can also customize the connection into your other platforms.

Robust integration and customizations

We can handle everything for you

Add Managed Solutions for personalized implementation, support, and deployment. IntelePeer’s team of experts can develop and deploy advanced APIs customized specifically for your company.

About IntelePeer’s Marketplace

All Marketplace applications are purpose-built to solve specific customer problems, are enterprise-grade, and always backed by IntelePeer’s reliable and secure platform. We’re continually adding new Marketplace low-code and no-code applications. Learn more about Marketplace.

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