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The clear choice for powerful self-service solutions

In today’s competitive business landscape, seamless communication is critical for success. With so many options available, choosing the right communications platform can be a challenge. When comparing IntelePeer and, IntelePeer consistently stands out.

Why IntelePeer is the best choice:

Industry leading automation rate

IntelePeer can fully automate up to 90% of customer self-service interactions.

Rapid time to value

IntelePeer provides industry leading rapid time to value, implementing most solutions in 30-60 days. Kore.AI takes more than 6 months to create complex self-service applications.

Low-cost continuous improvement

IntelePeer’s AI Hub provides low-cost continual improvement of customer interactions, improving customer satisfaction, and providing a roadmap for higher percentages of automated interactions.

Minimal professional services

IntelePeer’s Communications Automation Platform doesn’t require high-cost professional services, whether it’s for initial set-up or evolving existing workflows.

Enterprise-grade infrastructure

IntelePeer’s cloud-based platform is built to handle high volumes of communications traffic without compromising performance.’s platform may experience limitations with large datasets or user bases.

Unparalleled security and compliance

We understand the importance of safeguarding your sensitive data. IntelePeer prioritizes security with industry-leading compliance certifications and robust data encryption protocols.

Exceptional customer service

Our dedicated customer support team is committed to your success. We provide ongoing support, training, and guidance to ensure you get the most out of the IntelePeer platform.

Competitive pricing

IntelePeer offers flexible pricing plans to fit your specific needs and budget. We are confident that you’ll find our solutions feature-rich and cost-effective.

Make the right choice. Choose IntelePeer.

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