Staying connected while at Cisco Collaboration Summit

Apr 26, 2018

1 minute, 21 seconds

As a Sales person, being available for my channel partners, customers, and team at IntelePeer is key to do my job successfully. Last week I attended the Cisco Collaboration Summit in Phoenix, leveraging the power of Cisco Spark and IntelePeer voice to stay connected to my work while enjoying the networking and educational opportunities.

While at the Cisco Collaboration Summit I had the opportunity to meet with Cisco customers and partners about the most recent announcements on where Cisco is taking their collaboration solutions and from the feedback, it resonated well!

The major buzz at the show was around Cisco’s announcement that they will combine Cisco Spark and Webex into one solution, known as “Webex Teams.” This move results in Cisco’s efforts to simplify features and functionality between two very similar offerings.  For more info, check out this great article from CRN, “5 Things You Should Know About Cisco’s Decision To Fold Spark Into Webex.

Cisco’s decisions to make the tools more cohesive and easier to use is exactly what end users demand. It really feels like the ability to effectively communicate anywhere and anytime has arrived!

With IntelePeer’s enablement capabilities and integrations, this only makes Cisco’s solutions stronger across every channel. IntelePeer demoed a new SMS integration at the Collaboration Summit specifically for Cisco Spark and it generated great feedback and interest – another way for customers to communicate in the channel they prefer.

Overall, I had a great week at one of the industry’s biggest shows without feeling like I got really behind on my work – proof that productivity can be achieved by using the collaboration solutions that enable effective communication from anywhere!

Knowledge is power.

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