Staying connected and protecting company culture in times of uncertainty

Mar 25, 2020

3 minutes

To IntelePeer’s Partners & Customers:

Now more than ever, cultivating a sense of community is critical. Our first thoughts go to our family members and friends but it’s also important to stay connected with our co-workers. I know I’m not alone in evaluating different solutions to ensuring employee safety and operational continuity while also looking to solve how to continue the feeling of a company culture with a 100% remote workforce? While there may not be an absolute one solution to this question, I would like to share with you some of the things that our team has implemented internally to help maintain our connections to one another and protect our incredibly strong company culture. 

We have always fostered a sense of family even with our team spread out across the country in our three office locations and remote home offices. I did not want that to be changed by the fact that we moved to a 100% remote workforce. While we have been sending out timely email updates around company policies, contingency plans, and tips from health organizations, I also wanted to ensure that we continued to spread the positive, supportive, and fun-loving nature that is inherent to who we are as a company. 

One solution was to create a chat group using WhatsApp to be a “virtual water cooler.” We use email and Webex Teams for internal collaboration but using a separate communications channel gave us a new way to stay engaged. This took off almost immediately as a great outlet for our team to lift each other up during this time of uncertainty.  People have been sharing pieces of their new normal through pictures of their two and four-legged home office assistants and hobbies, while keeping each other motivated with at home workout ideas, entertained with funny videos, and occupied with recommendations for recipes or TV shows. 

Another solution was to create two committees that focus on staff morale and support. These committees include a representative from each office and the field. The purposes of these committees are to provide ideas around how to remain positive while we manage the changes in our everyday lives and organize support efforts for other team members to take care of emergency needs such as grocery shopping or snow shoveling. Thirdly, we will be setting up a relief fund that is intended to provide financial support to IntelePeer employees and their families affected by the Coronavirus. 

This is just the beginning for our efforts to perpetuate our culture and take care of our valued employees. Each company is different and what works for one, may not work for the other. What’s important is to try new initiatives to keep your teams engaged and supported. The only way to get through times like this is to do it together. As mentioned in my recent letter, we are here for you. Please reach out for anything through email, phone calls, SMS, or our LinkedIn page. 

Stay safe and healthy.


Frank Fawzi

President & CEO, IntelePeer

Knowledge is power.

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