Omnichannel chat platforms help improve customer satisfaction ratings

Jun 22, 2022

2 minutes

When a frustrated customer gets on a phone call with a customer service representative, the last thing they want to do is repeat themselves after conveying their issue to the chatbot they were using a second ago. Omnichannel chat powered by a communications platform as a service (CPaaS) can help avoid these situations, improve satisfaction, and create a better experience on both ends of the phone.

People crave reliability. By leveraging omnichannel chat capabilities to unify all channels, companies will notice a considerable uptick in customer satisfaction. Notably, if you provide an omnichannel customer experience you could see a 91% higher year-over-year increase in retention compared to those that do not. (Aberdeen, 2014)

In addition to higher satisfaction and retention, uniting communication efforts through omnichannel can help boost revenue and minimize overhead. For example, a customer schedules an appointment online over a chatbot and gets a text reminder as the day approaches. The customer confirms that they are coming and go to their appointment. Afterward, an invoice gets sent automatically. Later, an automated phone call thanks and reminds the customer to complete a survey. The survey shows that this customer had a great experience.

By joining all these typically isolated communications together, you can drive lower operating costs and increase revenue through reduced appointment no shows. Moreover, the benefits of automation allow employees to focus on more pressing and involved tasks.

While an omnichannel chat strategy is required to unify all interactions, some technology solutions, such as automation, can get further optimized through a CPaaS platform. It provides you with access to an inventory of flexible and customizable communication features and apps.

One significant impact of unifying channels through CPaaS capabilities is end-to-end communications and predictive and prescriptive analytics to support those communications. For example, CPaaS permits you to escalate customers from chat to voice, or on the back end, a representative transfers someone to sales for an upsell opportunity.

Similarly, should AI software recognize that a customer interacting through SMS is texting in Spanish, organizations can seamlessly connect that person to a Spanish-speaking sales agent. With analytics tying everything together to provide meaningful and actionable insights, AI can help business impact their bottom line.

By using CPaaS data analytics paired with omnichannel chat, you can help clients get routed to the appropriate departments and agents faster, which will create happier and less irritated customers.

CPaaS data analytics also lets you personalize interactions based on demographics, boosting sales and creating loyal customers. And although Baby Boomers and Gen Xers like to switch between voice, email, and SMS, while Millennials and Gen Z transition from texting to social media messaging platforms (WhatsApp, WeChat, and Meta Messenger), CPaaS can keep the customer moving effortlessly amongst channels.

A great customer experience can start with omnichannel chat, but it can be elevated even more by a customer experience-focused platform. The best part, none of it needs to be time-consuming or require a depth of technical expertise. With the right tools and team backing you up, unifying chat, voice, and other forms of communication can be fast, painless, and deliver a rapid time to value for your business.

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