Navigating the complex landscape of Communications Automation: A guide for business leaders

Aug 23, 2023

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Some people never thought Blockbuster would go out of business – then came Netflix. In the same way, CPaaS, once a pillar of communication strategies, is likely to be replaced by AI-powered Communications Automation Platforms or CAP.

As CAP emerges in the latest iteration of a long line of communications platforms, business leaders must understand how to leverage the technology to meet evolving consumer demands, do more with limited resources and reduced headcount, and provide adequate tools for hybrid work models.

Here are seven ways business leaders can enrich and reshape their company through AI-driven communications automation.

1. Help your business adapt quickly 

CAP lets businesses effortlessly upgrade current communications systems, minimizing downtime and reducing overall expenses. In particular, with low-code/no-code applications, companies can swiftly introduce automation within minutes or hours instead of the traditional days or weeks, eliminating the need for developer assistance. 

2. Deliver clear ROI and business benefits

By implementing AI and automation technologies, businesses can increase operational efficiency and achieve clear business benefits, including a potential 30% decrease in operational costs. In fact, whether it’s supplementing an already stretched-thin contact center or handling routine processes, such as the dissemination of appointment reminders, automation will pay for itself in no time.

3. Personalize customer interactions

Customer satisfaction thrives on personalization; it does not go unnoticed when brands cater to their customer’s unique needs. Through CAP, companies can harness customer history and use the power of AI and analytics to deliver contextual promotions, automated billing, appointment reminders, and more.

4. Deliver omnichannel communications

Omnichannel is highly important to success today, especially because customers interact with businesses across so many different channels at various points in the customer journey. Using CAP, companies can engage with customers through their preferred communication channel, providing them with a consistent and unified experience across voice, SMS text, and chat, regardless of time or location.

5. Increase self-service abilities

CAP can help design personalized and automated workflows that bypass manual steps, permitting callers to address their concerns quickly through self-service options. Moreover, the infusion of self-service channels lets staff allocate their efforts towards more critical, high-value tasks, reducing stress levels and enhancing overall engagement.

6. Shorten call resolution times

CAP allows businesses to intelligently and automatically route calls to the correct department or knowledgeable worker from the beginning. This minimizes the need for customers to repeat themselves while optimizing staff workloads. As a result, customer satisfaction and loyalty increase, while complaints regarding lengthy hold times decrease.

7. Eliminate downtime

In the event of a business disruption, CAP empowers contact centers to quickly update communications and route callers to different locations or departments, preventing customer dissatisfaction and outage-related costs, and productivity loss. Ultimately, it ensures that callers aren’t met with radio silence, permitting them to get inquiries answered in a timely fashion.  

Your business transformation can start today  

Best of all, CAP layers over the top of your existing unified collaboration or on-premises contact center infrastructure, opening the door for immediate communication modernization – no ripping and replacing required.

To learn more about IntelePeer’s Smart Automation CAP offering, contact us today. 

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