Millennials are unified communications’ best advocates

Sep 17, 2014

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As of late, Generation Y/millennials (someone born between the late ’70s and the early ’90s) have taken on a rather negative connotation. Some of the main stereotypes that pop up into conversation when Generation Xers describe today’s Generation Y workforce include words synonymous with being lazy, entitled, self-obsessed and materialistic.

Is this generalization fair to make? To be honest, does it really matter?

Instead of focusing on the pros and cons of GenYers, perhaps we should be paying more attention to the particular qualities and characteristics that make this age bracket so unique. Accounting for over 33 percent of today’s workforce, it’s in our best interest to learn and leverage their skills to strengthen our workforce and improve our work environment. And one of the important elements in the current work environment is unified communications (UC).

Let’s take a look at how some of these characteristics go hand-in-hand with UC.

Appetite for Knowledge

Typically, GenYers have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and information. They want access to information, and they want it immediately. Beyond that, they want to be able to share this information and collaborate with colleagues just as quickly. This is where a GenYer’s tech-savvy knowledge can be easily be leveraged with unified communications.

With the use of presence and instant messaging (IM), they can easily see the availability of their coworkers and share points of discussion when a phone call might not be necessary or appropriate. Also a plus, having grown up on AOL or MSN, millennials are very familiar with the ins and outs of IM.

Freedom and Mobility

UC could not have found a better match than with millennials. These days, GenYers can be found glued to their mobile devices, which makes working on-the-go a possibility. Thankfully, while working in remote locations. Whether it’s video conferencing or real-time access to information in a company database, mobile UC gives millennials the flexibility to work when out of the office, all while staying connected to others.

Embrace Technology

One of the most unique skills millennials bring to the table is their courage and fearlessness to adopt new technology. Many GenXers tend to tiptoe with caution toward new technologies, but GenYers like to dive right in. They tend to be more creative and adventurous when it comes to technology, which makes UC the perfect pairing for these tech-savvy millennials. For example, UC meets their technology expectations and leaves underwhelming and ancient desk phones in the dust.

While GenXers have played a pivotal role in the tech revolution, they certainly haven’t built it all on their own. At the end of the day, GenYers will take it to the next level with their ease of comfort with all the functions and features UC provides. Don’t be surprised if millennials become UC’s best advocates in your business.

Knowledge is power.

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