CPaaS update: Added security, keyboard shortcuts, press or say improvements, and more

Sep 28, 2020

2 minutes

With the start of Fall and the weather cooling down, we’ve decided to try to heat things up with a new update. Take a seat, turn on a fan, and grab some water because these new features are coming in HOT.

Customer Portals

Both the IntelePeer Voice Portal ( and Atmosphere CPaaS Portal ( will offer 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) for added security. Admins will be able to set up authentication through the Account Settings page in their respective portal. 2FA is available through SMS, voice, or email.


Keyboard shortcuts

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, right? This also applies to your flows. The updated interface makes it easier to replicate actions and patterns within a flow. You can now use keyboard shortcuts such as CTRL + C and CTRL +V to multi-select, copy, and paste actions within your board. When an action is copied and pasted, it will include all configurations for that action as well, so you no longer have to set up the same actions over and over again. Additionally, new icons will appear next to each action for easy copying and deleting.

Audio Enhancements

We’ve made enhancements to the Audio Library that allow you to download a clip directly from Atmosphere SmartFlows®, upload more than one clip at a time, and rename audio files within the library screen.

Are you listening yet? Because we have more audio updates. You can now create configurations that apply to all actions within a flow that contain audio. This removes the need to reconfigure settings like invalid audio and time out audio. You’ll also be able to search for and use audio clips throughout the flow more easily by using a pre-set variable such as file extension or file name. 

Press or Say

Our other actions are jealous this month because Press or Say got a lot of attention! First, Press or Say will now always allow a user to speak their entry, so the “Allow Spoken Input” checkbox has been removed. AI can be a tricky thing so we’re doing the heavy lifting for you when it comes to choosing a vendor for specific functions like translation, text-to-speech, etc.  You no longer need to choose which vendor to use for each, just select a function and the best vendor for the job will be automatically used in the action. Lastly, a termination key (#) will no longer be required to be entered for speech use cases.

Max Attempts

“Max Retries” has been renamed to “Max Attempts” on actions such as Record Response, Collect DTMF, Menu Tree, and Press or Say to better align with what this setting does. This configuration mandates how many times a customer can choose an invalid option before the flow defaults to the invalid option route. Because of this, you can no longer allow number of attempts to be set at “0.”

Event Handler

Where does a flow go when it ends? What happens if a user abandons a flow before their journey is complete? A new flow configuration, Event Handler, allows you to initiate an API call at the end of a flow. This configuration could invoke another flow with an Inbound API trigger or External Web Call such as a post call survey or automated notification.

Number Assignments

Nobody likes doing extra assignments. Users have the ability to manage number assignments within a flow rather than having to leave the Flow Builder and navigate to the Number Assignments page. We added a pop up within the Inbound Call and Inbound SMS triggers that list numbers to assign to the flow. To make the assignment process even easier, the list of number options that appear for an Inbound Call trigger will all be voice numbers, while an Inbound SMS trigger will populate SMS-enabled options.

Jump To

Don’t spend your whole day looking for flows. Enhancements to Jump To make it easier to search and connect to other flows all within the same screen. Forgot the flow ID? No problem. You’ll also see the flow name along with the flow ID.


Tool Tips

Need a quick refresh on what you are looking at in your dashboards? We’ve added a tool-tip to every dashboard widget making it a little simpler to understand all that data. All you have to do is hover.

Voice Services Call Report

We’ve also improved the Voice Services Call report. Termination, DID, and Toll Free are now all added to report by default so you don’t have to manually add them before running the report. These are some of the exciting updates we made this month. For a full list new features and fixes made in this release, check out the September release notes here and here.

Knowledge is power.

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