Improving patient communications through automation

Jun 22, 2023

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The healthcare industry is on the brink of transformation. People expect faster and more convenient interactions with organizations, but the available tools to keep up with such demands are not always adequate. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have long been the traditional method of digital collaboration, but they don’t always have the speed or level of integration to satisfy patients while managing such valuable data.

New solutions are needed to modernize digital connections between employees and patients. Communication Automation Platforms (CAP) are the best way to usher in a new reality. CAP solutions layer over the top of existing contact center or unified communication solutions, streamlining the customer and agent experience with automation. This integration is positive for businesses at every level, vastly improving communications without forcing companies to completely rebuild their infrastructure.

Offsetting and streamlining staff workloads

Like most industries, concerns over staffing shortages and a smaller workforce are constant. CAP solutions come with a number of features that automate and streamline interactions, substantially easing the burden of short staffing.

Self-service tools such as chatbots and intelligently routing calls allow patients to find answers to some of their own questions on their own while workers spend their time on more immediate issues. Chatbots can easily handle things like appointment reminders, inquiries about medical records, and processing of payments. AI can also be used in low-code development tools like drag-and-drop workflows and pre-built templates, making it straightforward for any user to build and edit dashboards on the fly to make tracking analytics and information easier to keep track of.

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Reshaping patient communications

An increase in automation fundamentally changes how patients and medical professionals communicate, creating a welcome change for all parties. The added data collected by CAP solutions paints a more insightful picture of patients for organizations to understand their attitudes and behaviors, while studies show that many people want more self-service options and see the appeal of personalized automation.

Reducing operational costs

Automation adds capabilities to contact centers and streamlines work processes while lowering operational costs by up to 30%. Artificial intelligence (AI) can carry out simple tasks on its own or assist workers in a way that frees up more operation hours and uses fewer company resources.

Modernizing current infrastructure without complex upgrades or replacements

One of the great advantages of using a CAP is that it layers on top of existing systems without disrupting the entire contact center infrastructure. Organization can now integrate new features and functionalities whenever they’re needed. The technology is scalable enough to work with a patient base of any size.

Meeting healthcare regulations while connecting data

Automation lowers the need for manual input from workers, so they can be confident that they are always working with the right information. This is especially important in the healthcare industry given the nature of the patient data and the need to support healthcare regulations for the organization. The capacity for mistakes in judgment or data collection is much smaller using these digital tools. 

CAP solutions are only becoming more prominent with time. Aragon Research expects the worldwide market to reach $27.4 billion by 2027. As the leader in CAP solutions, IntelePeer provides the high-quality services you need to maintain parity with the rest of the industry. IntelePeer’s Smart Automation CAP solution is proven to lower costs, reduce human error, lead to great customer service, provide an outstanding patient experience, and increase your ROI. Contact us today if you’re interested in how IntelePeer can take your communications automation into the future.

Heather Hancock

Heather brings 15+ years of experience in automation and cloud communications to the IntelePeer team. With a background in telecom, Heather is a skilled product and solutions marketer with strong GTM, messaging, and vertical marketing experience. Heather spends her time walking her pit bull, Bella, singing in a pro karaoke league, and being a cool aunt to her 7 going on 17-year-old niece, Adeline.

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