Customer portal update – Activate your numbers for Atmosphere CPaaS in a snap

Jan 4, 2019

3 minutes

As a valued IntelePeer customer, we want to make sure you are getting the most out of your services and have full control over your business communications. This means enabling you to easily manage your numbers for voice, SMS, and application use in our Customer Portal.

Starting January 5, you will see an update to the Home screen when you log in to your account. You will have immediate access to all of the numbers in your inventory that can be used with our services – Voice, SmartFlows, and Messaging. Once you have these services added to your account, you’ll now be able to manage how your numbers are processed through our platform by quickly enabling or disabling them for use on the Home screen.

Here’s a look at the changes and new features we are rolling out for our Customer Portal with this release.

Manage numbers for Voice, SMS, and applications

Now when you log in, you’ll have immediate access to your phone numbers and short codes for use within your activated Atmosphere applications or your own custom solution, in what we are calling the “Home Package.” You can quickly assign numbers and short codes in your inventory for specific uses – keep your numbers assigned for SIP trunks for phone service or enable it to send and receive SMS. You can also assign it for voice/SMS use in Atmosphere SmartFlows or Atmosphere Engage.

Quickly enable or disable a number for Atmosphere SmartFlows within the number management screen

  • From your dashboard, click “Manage” to navigate to that package’s number management page.
  • Use checkboxes to select numbers you want to SmartFlows enable.
  • Use the dropdown box above the grid to select “SmartFlows: Add” (or SmartFlows: Remove”) to update your numbers’ configurations.

Note: while you can enable a number for SmartFlows on the Home screen, we recommend as a best practice to enable and assign a number within the SmartFlows application itself. This way you can take care of both tasks in one application instead of enabling on the Home screen and then going into to SmartFlows to assign the number to a flow. For details on setting up a number in SmartFlows, please see our Quick Start Guide.

If you would like to remove a number from use for SmartFlows you can do so by going to Number Management and selecting SmartFlows–>remove. You will want to do this any time you remove SmartFlow processing from a number in a SIP package.

See how voice calls and SMS messages will be processed – no need to switch apps

The Home Package also provides quick access to see how calls and SMS messages will be processed. By default, numbers in the Home Package will not service any calls they receive; the caller will receive a “Number not in service” message from their carrier. If the number is SmartFlows-enabled, your custom-built flow will handle all the heavy lifting.  And our SMS Webhooks put you in control of your text-based communications.

However, if the number is in a SIP Package, the call will be handled according to your routing profile.  To use one or the other, simply move Local and Toll-Free numbers between Home and Atmosphere SIP packages. Or get the best of both by contracting for SmartFlows service on top of existing SIP service.

Use our international purchasing page to expand your global reach to over 200 countries and regions

If you’re porting or purchasing numbers both can be done on a single page for US Domestic and International numbers. Keep in mind when requesting number porting, all numbers must be entered in E.164 format.

See your expected transfer (FOC) date

Porting numbers over to IntelePeer? Our updated order management pages promptly provide your expected transfer date (FOC date).  We’ve also made it easier for you to view your pending and completed orders.

IntelePeer’s Atmosphere Communications Platform is built to optimize your communications and help keep you and your customers happy. Need help with any of the portal changes? Don’t have our new products yet? Contact your IntelePeer Customer Success Manager or

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