Create strategic healthcare communications with CPaaS

Aug 7, 2019

< 1 minutes

How would you rate your patient communication strategy? Would you get a clean bill of health or is some preventative care in order? Your patient’s preferences for how they interact with your practice is changing and it’s important you meet their expectations to ensure satisfaction even when they aren’t in for a visit.

Enter communications platform as a service (CPaaS). With CPaaS, healthcare providers and pharmacies can easily implement programmable communications into workflows and integrate with existing solutions such as electronic medical record or scheduling solutions.

CPaaS is the solution that gives providers everywhere a scalable and flexible platform to build upon – use only the services you need to meet the specific communication requirements of patient care management. Automate and streamline manual processes such as prescription refills or appointment reminders, so you and your team can focus on more important things- like your patients. “70% of patients say they will choose medical providers who send emails or texts when it’s time for preventative or follow up care” (Accenture Digital Health Consumer Survey, 2019).  With CPaaS, you can make sure your patients fall into this category.

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