Embrace CPaaS to get real with your real estate buyers

Feb 6, 2020

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What is the most daunting challenge facing your real estate career? Is it trying to manage a zillion communications? Is it the plethora of paperwork and contracts? Or what about the tedious manual processes that take too much time out of your day? While these challenges may feel overwhelming , the solution is simple. Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) for Real Estate can help you with it all.

Real estate agents face incredibly unique challenges, especially in terms of communication, that can have quite an impact on your business. Selling properties is the name of the game and in order to do that you need to stay front and center of communications. The number of buyers, sellers, vendors, title and loan companies, and more, that you need to interact with daily can be mindboggling. Not to mention all the manual processes that come with it. And what works best for you might not work best for those you are trying to work with. A recent study found that while only 17% of homebuyers wanted to interact with their agent by telephone, 51% reported that their agents used telephone only to reach them. Additionally, SMS communication was the top choice for 29% of homebuyers but only 5% said that was accommodated by their agents.

How can you manage using different communication channels for different customers? How can you streamline processes so you can focus on what matters most – closing the deal? The answer my friend, is CPaaS for Real Estate. Here are a few ideas we had on how you can use it to improve processes and communications.

Streamline Information and Responses

The study cited above also mentioned that “only 16 percent of the buyers were willing to wait an entire business day for a response yet only 10 percent of the agents managed to get back to them within that time frame.” But when you’re juggling so many different tasks and relationships, how do you keep up and make sure you’re responding in a timely manner?

Automating processes and communications can help provide your clients with information along the way. Buyers are anxious to know where they are in the buying process and what is expected of them in the coming weeks. Sellers are also on pins and needles wondering how many offers have come in and what they need to seal the deal. This can mean lots of incoming traffic asking the same questions over and over. Why not try automating some of your responses? Build communication flows that are triggered and sent by certain events during the buying and selling process. Automatically send an FAQ to your customers about what to expect once they make an offer or their offer is accepted. This way, your clients feel like they’re always in the know, and you can focus on finding their dream home or getting them the best deal for their sale. 

Automate Processes and Integrate with Existing Systems

You don’t need to overhaul your entire system to dramatically improve your communications. Connect your scheduling system with a messaging platform so buyers can schedule showings with you through SMS, social messaging, or email without you having to be involved in the process at all. Set up SMS keywords for your customer like “appointment” or “showing” with automated responses, confirmations, and rescheduling options for a showing. You could do the same for setting up inspections, closings, and more. Both your buyers and sellers will appreciate the immediate response and call to action while you’re able to continue on with your day.

Similarly, you can integrate your communications with contracting applications to send notifications to title companies or other vendors when you complete signing contracts. These integrations eliminate steps you have to take and reduce the wait time for your customers and vendors.

Make Referrals a Breeze

Your business is based on word of mouth and referrals. Make it easy for your clients to pass on your recommendation, especially after you’re done with the sale. Set a campaign to run after your client’s closing to reach out and ask about how things are going, and if they mind passing your name along to a friend or taking a survey. Sending check-ins after the closing will keep you top of mind for your buyers and sellers leave them with a lasting impression.

There are far too many pins to juggle for real estate agents. Automating certain communications can save an immense amount of time and add a satisfaction to your buyer and sellers journey that they’re not getting from other agents. An easy way to get started is with Atmosphere CPaaS for Real Estate. Learn more about how CPaaS can transform your business.

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