Channel Partners – Are you sharing the love this Valentine’s Day?

Feb 13, 2019

3 minutes

The National Retail Federation projects that U.S. consumers will spend a record $19.6 billion on Valentine’s Day in 2019.

They also say that over half of those celebrating plan to use their smartphones to assist with Valentine’s Day purchase decisions. Are your customers going to be reaching them?

While retail businesses reap the financial benefits of America’s love-induced spending spree, what are you doing to make sure your retail clients are taking advantage of this opportunity? Make sure they are engaging their customers in exceptional customer experiences beyond the limits of their stores.

With omni-channel communications, retail companies can take engagement to the next level. Companies can leverage IntelePeer Atmosphere Communications Platform products to deploy with loyalty programs, offer promotional discounts, use analytics to make customer-centric decisions and so much more. These products empower businesses to hone their processes to ultimately provide a better experience for each customer.

Share the love – log into your partner portal account to deploy a pre-built, co-brandable email template to help your retail clients make the move to omni-channel communications and win their customers’ hearts this Valentine’s Day. 

Knowledge is power.

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