Built In Colorado honors IntelePeer in its Esteemed 2021 Best Places to Work Awards

Jan 11, 2021

3 minutes

IntelePeer’s culture is built around a family-like structure, support, and consistent communication. Our senior leadership team and CEO keep their doors open to all who have questions, feedback, or new ideas. Focusing on and continuing to foster a collaborative culture became even more critical when COVID-19 moved all of us to remote working. That’s why during this challenging time, we are even more excited to announce IntelePeer earned a place in Built In’s annual Best Places to Work awards for the following categories:

  • Colorado Best Places to Work
  • Colorado Best Mid-Sized Company to Work For
  • Colorado Company with Best Benefits

Built In determines winners for Best Places to Work program based on an algorithm, using company data about compensation, benefits, and cultural programs. This year’s program weighed criteria more heavily on items like remote opportunities and programs for diversion, equity, and inclusion to reflect the attributes candidates are searching for on Built In’s company profiles today.  

When Frank Fawzi, our CEO, announced our move to remote working, he quickly implemented tools to keep our culture intact through consistent open communication from top-down to maintain a strong company culture. Senior leadership collects feedback through employee surveys that are taken into serious consideration and allows for leadership to keep a pulse on how employees are doing at work and home. Through this dialog, company results include implementing summer hours on Fridays, extra days off to help parents with children who are remote learning, and moving to a four-day workweek for December so employees could refresh and recharge for 2021.

Last year the company created task forces to foster entrepreneurship by encouraging employees to volunteer, utilizing their different backgrounds and skillsets to get involved and contribute to a better world through their passions. These task forces reflect the company mission and core values to help our communities, partners, and customers. Some of the more recent ones created include the Staff Morale Committee, the Small Business Recovery Program task force, the Diversity & Equity task force (Honorable Willie Brown, Jr. joined us for Juneteenth to tell his story and advise us on how we can impact social justice), and the Data and Analytics task force to affect change and drive company initiatives forward.

IntelePeer’s core values are based on the acronym DELIGHT, which encourages superior customer service, collaboration, and continuous growth. The core values are at the center of everything we do, and our CEO spends time with new hires to further stress the importance of these showcasing how we implement them daily to our customers, partners, and to each other. 

Our team is honored to be recognized as one of the best places to work in a competitive and high growth market like Colorado, full of talented businesses and teams, as well as being recognized for our benefits as we truly are a company that puts our team members first and enables a healthy work/life balance.

Knowledge is power.

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