2 ways to drive great CX using automation and MS Teams

May 11, 2023

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In light of ongoing economic uncertainty and the ever-evolving nature of work environments, businesses are looking for new ways to optimize IT and support remote employees to improve the customer experience (CX) and increase business results. During this time, it is crucial enterprises boost productivity and adapt to changing customer expectations while remaining cost-efficient. With modern tools like automation and MS Teams, businesses have the power to drive outstanding CX.

Automating customer communications

Seamless and consistent CX is essential for business success. Implementing AI-enabled communications automation solutions, like self-service communication channels powered by chatbots and virtual assistants, organizations can significantly enhance CX.

These tools guide customers along their journey – and, if necessary, they can seamlessly transfer them to a live agent. Fewer calls swamping a contact center means reduced hold times, resulting in faster call resolution and increased customer retention. Moreover, by automating repetitive communication tasks, contact center agents can focus on more value-added and revenue-driving projects.

Automation makes notifying customers about invoices, payments, and appointment reminders simplified and effortless. With these platform tools, on-time bill payments increase, and appointment cancellations decrease while simultaneously improving CX. Automated technology also streamlines CRM systems allowing businesses to send personalized communications through email, voice, or SMS.

Integrating MS Teams to enhance CX

Workforces are increasingly streamlining operations, causing businesses to focus on employee optimization. For organizations looking to improve efficiency and productivity within their teams, the value of providing the right tools, like MS Teams, for internal collaboration can’t be overstated. Nevertheless, MS Teams alone can’t fulfill corporate expectations.

Through a best-in-class communications automation platform (CAP) provider, brands can augment and support their current MS Teams deployments, helping them offset reduced staff levels without reducing CX. Integrating the automation solutions of a CAP vendor with Microsoft Teams empowers businesses to deliver omnichannel communications without complicating their operations with disparate platforms. And by unifying the continued innovation from MS teams with a CAP provider, companies can add additional value to the MS Teams experience, enhancing employees’ ability to stay focused on customers’ evolving needs.

MS teams can also alleviate the workload placed on fewer employees, deepening customer connections and fostering greater collaboration. For example, MS Teams incorporates the intelligent recap feature, which automatically generates meeting notes, recommends tasks, and personalizes highlights for the information most important to each specific employee, even if they did not attend the meeting. 

IntelePeer joins MS Teams

IntelePeer’s SmartCommunicator allows MS Teams customers to create an automated omnichannel experience from the Teams platform. SmartCommunicator delivers a seamless, automated experience enabling employees’ to stay focused on the job at hand. Moreover, customers can easily integrate our Smart Automation solution with MS Teams to boost ROI and deliver a seamless CX. With Smart Automation and MS Teams, companies can connect with customers via SMS from within MS Teams. 

Listen to this roundtable webinar to learn how to integrate automation with MS Teams. Reach out today, and find out how your business can improve CX using Smart Automation and MS Teams.

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