Natural disasters are increasing: can your contact center weather the storm?

Natural disasters have increased 5X over the last 50 years. With an average of 17 natural disasters per year, it’s not if your contact center will be impacted- but when.

You can’t afford for your communications to go down when a natural disaster or unforeseen disruption occurs.

Cloud queuing is a simple solution that can manage customer calls in the cloud, ensuring that your customers and staff can always stay in communication.

Watch this webinar hosted by communications expert Stevie Mulia to learn how cloud queuing:

  • Layers over the top of your contact center
  • Creates 3X redundancy
  • Increases contact center agility
  • Optimizes legacy networks
  • Supports digital transformation

Are you ready to leverage cloud queuing to protect your contact center? IntelePeer can help. Contact us today.

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