Scott Equipment testimonial video

Scott Equipment

IntelePeer gives Scott Equipment peace of mind by using their Communication Automation Platform. Watch the video to learn more.

Episode transcript

My name is Aaron Coody. I’m the systems administrator here at Scott Equipment. Scott Equipment is located in five states. We are a heavy equipment dealer focusing mostly on rental, sales, and service parts. We had old Nortel systems at every location and there was just a piecemeal setup. So we were having all sorts of SIP related issues. We were having quite a bit of toll fraud, like I think one of our first month’s bills was like 14 grand over.

The implementation with IntelePeer went really smoothly. IntelePeer sent us a document. Once we got the document, it had the switching IP’s, our signaling IP’s, the media IP’s, what ports were there, what needed to be whitelisted – everything we needed to go to get things done and we had testing and up and running in maybe 20 minutes. And everything looked really good. It looked like it could really help drive us towards a more future communication platform that we will grow into. Currently we are using it for our auto attendance, which the biggest selling feature for me on that was that it’s platform agnostic. So I can take my auto attendance anywhere now. I just have to point them to the new platform. IntelePeer supports us in several different ways. They supply us with training. They supplied me with support. My account manager is fantastic. IntelePeer also helped me develop a workable flow that I’m using today, every day, with my branches to be able to open and close the stores if they need to or change their on-call individuals if they need to. I would recommend IntelePeer because everything works. The individuals will do anything in their power to help you. They don’t care necessarily about the dollar bill, they care about your experiences as a customer. and they’ll make sure they do everything they can to make it right.