How to protect your business’s caller ID reputation

Reputation Management is a “one-stop-shop” platform

Take control of your identity and protects your numbers from being mislabeled as spam, unknown, or fraud, and going unanswered.

Episode transcript

What’s more annoying than these types of calls? How about these? Spam or unknown calls are aggravating and are happening at an alarming rate. When they do occur, more often than not, they’re not answered. But have you ever wondered if the calls coming from your business are inaccurately marked as spam or unknown? It happens more than you think. Statistics show 56 percent of businesses don’t realize their numbers are marked as spam or fraud, and haven’t even tested their numbers to see how they appear on caller ID. That’s bad for business. When your customers start to doubt the legitimacy of your business because your number shows up as spam or unknown, they start to lose trust and are perhaps just one more call away from taking their business elsewhere. So what’s the solution? How do you protect your organization’s caller ID reputation when outgoing calls are made? IntelePeer’s reputation management is the answer. Reputation management is a one-stop shop platform that helps you take control of your identity and protects your numbers from being mislabeled as spam or fraud and going unanswered. Reputation management helps you establish a verified calling identity so you can take control of your brand. It allows you to track your number’s reputation across the analytic engines, serving all major us mobile carriers and it corrects mismarked numbers before they negatively impact your business. How effective is IntelePeer’s reputation management? Well of the 73,000 numbers in our system, 99.95 percent have a healthy reputation score on analytic engines and are remediated in just a few days. Not bad, right? Let IntelePeer help save your caller ID reputation and make sure your calls never look like this. For more information about IntelePeer’s reputation management platform, contact us today.