Automation Moment: Top 3 reasons to automate


Tune in to the first episode of IntelePeer’s all-new Automation Moment series. Learn the top three reasons you should be talking about automation to your customers.

Episode transcript

Welcome to the Automation Moment. The reason for this series is that we wanted to share some of the stories that are causing the explosive growth in the communications industry. We’re seeing a lot of Partners benefit from introducing automation to their customers and we really wanted to bring it to you. Contact centers have seen automation for years, but that hasn’t transitioned over to the knowledge worker. Specifically, they haven’t seen the benefits of automating in their day-to-day. We’re going to go through three areas to help you connect with your customers and talk a little bit more about the automations environment.

The first item you want to talk to through is modernization. We all recognize that the economy is uncertain right now. However, their infrastructure continues to age. Some of it on prem, some of it on cloud, and a mixture between. A lot of organizations think that they have to rip and replace in order to move forward and modernize. However, solutions like IntelePeer, they don’t have to rip and replace their current technology. We can Implement in minutes and hours, instead of weeks and months, and we can do it at a fraction of the price, without having to introduce a complex developer into the mix.

The second reason that this is a great solution for your partners and clients is that ninety percent of customers think it’s a good thing. Using AI to mine customer data and to interact with your customers to create better promotions, better account messages, and just notifications, helps improve that CX.

And finally, this is the big one, and probably the biggest source subject for companies is staffing. Whether it’s layoffs or finding quality candidates, we all feel the impacts of having a workforce that’s a 3.3 million people fewer than 2020. We will help you offload some of those low value interactions from your customers and help them free their time up so they can handle high value interactions and engagements, refocusing them on those things that count. Look, over the coming weeks we’re going to touch topics all over the board, but next week I want you to join me so you can hear about two powerful questions that help uncover some of your client’s automation needs. We’ll see you then and I’m looking forward to it.