Automation Moment: Improving CX with generative AI

Generative AI and Smart Automation

In this Automation Moment video, learn how you can use generative AI in your everyday communications platforms for your customers.


Episode transcript

It seems like everywhere you look Chat GPT is a subject and here at IntelePeer we’re just as excited about generative AI as anybody else. Today we’re going to talk a little bit about how we can inject that generative AI into your everyday communications platforms for your customers. And as we’re talking about these platforms, like IntelePeer Smart Automation tools, we can help guide you and help your customers improve that customer experience.

So I want you to think of a couple of things. The first one is, just in human natural interactions, what you do is you adjust to the tone of the conversation. In traditional conversational AI a lot of times when it hears that sentiment change or that emotional change instead of just adjusting it will send it to a different flow or most often it’ll send it to a human to de-escalate. Generative AI does it a little bit different. It takes that same sentiment analysis that it detects and it starts to modify, it starts to adjust so that it can improve the overall interaction that it’s having with the customer, whether it’s responding with diffusing language, whether it’s creating empathy, whether it’s creating an emotional connection it improves that customer experience by doing that.

The second thing that you want to remember, this is a big one, is that tools like Chat GPT they advertise that come out of the box with 95 human languages. That’s huge because as you inject generative AI into the process it instantly can translate for you and it can modify and adjust accordingly with those 95 languages. But the other thing that it does which is really important is that it adjusts the intellect level. So whether you’re talking to a highly educated adult or a younger person it can modify the language so that it can have a good conversation and therefore increase customer experience.

So when you’re talking with your customers really help them remember three things. First, it’s faster to integrate. It can create natural conversations quickly and impactfully, instead of having to go through the arduous process of creating a complicated decision tree. Second, you’re going to be automating a lot of those redundant processes where you can then bring those humans back to the high value interactions that you want them to be engaged in and just generally they’re going to improve their customer experience while having great ROI in their decision to pick up a generative AI toolset.

Here at IntelePeer we’re working with our next generation partners like you to guide the customers into those great decisions. If you haven’t had an opportunity to watch the Chat GPT webinar series then head on over to our website and we’ll see you next time on the Automation Moment.

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