AI-powered automation and personalized communication for optimal ROI with SmartWorker™

Empower the enterprise worker with automation

IntelePeer’s SmartWorker solution enables businesses to leverage AI and analytics for automation, which optimizes ROI for better spend predictability with a per-seat billing model and enhances personalization throughout the organization. With a single in-app environment, enterprise workers can utilize data intelligence for all messaging and voice communications.

This empowers workers to self-serve and create their own intelligent experiences, using features such as text messages, calls, chatbots, and live chat integrated with enterprise business systems (CRM).

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Why SmartWorker? Get these benefits and more:

Higher payback / ROI

– Predictable spend
– Improved employee productivity
– Mix-and-match SmartWorker bundles; package for every employee’s needs
– Productivity savings of $6.9K/worker

Drive efficiency

– 24×7 instant resolutions
– Reduce searches for information
– Automate routine tasks across mobile and desktop

Automation features

– Smart Communicator™
– NLP, machine learning, and AI
– Analytics
– Business continuity
– SmartQueuing™

IntelePeer’s solution for knowledge workers, SmartWorker, takes automation to the next level for the enterprise by offering simplified GOLD and PLATINUM bundles with advanced feature sets, such as analytics and secure messaging, versus traditional commodity utilization-based pricing.

This provides businesses with higher spend predictability with a per-seat billing model, creating a clear path to growth by automation with a faster return on investment.

SmartWorker plansGOLDPLATINUM
Per user setup fee (NRC)$4$6
Monthly recurring charges (list price)$12$25
TN (DID)IncludedIncluded
Voice (fair usage)IncludedIncluded
Emergency servicesIncludedIncluded
MS Teams – OC/DR priceIncludedIncluded
SMS/MMS (fair usage)IncludedIncluded
Call forwarding / failoverIncludedIncluded
Inbound SPAMIncluded

Telco Fair Usage included
Add-on: Reputation Management, inbound spam template, SmartQueuing™
Not included (must buy a la carte): Number rentals (TF, DID) and offshore and international