IntelePeer SmartQueuing

Create communication continuity and improved customer interactions

Be prepared for any situation and reduce the loss of revenue from dropped calls

The IntelePeer SmartQueuing solution is there for any outage in communications while improving daily customer interactions during normal operations.

You can now allow IntelePeer’s communication solution platform to hold customer calls that will be queued and transferred to the call center or other department for maximum efficiency. Reducing dropped calls and wait times for an optimum customer experience when it is most needed.

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Benefits of IntelePeer’s SmartQueuing:

Improved customer interactions

Ensure customers can reach your business. Upload music for when customer on on-hold.

Creates critical redundancies

Redirect traffic to multiple locations. No impact by local site disruptions. Calls are routed to non-impacted location during an outage.

Increased agility

Adjust the queue in minutes due to an emergency or regulatory change.

Optimizes legacy networks

Queuing is held in the cloud which allows for easy, low-cost upgrades.