Customer Story: Scott Equipment

IntelePeer gives Scott Equipment peace of mind after years of phone issues and misconfigurations

Scott Equipment is a heavy-duty construction equipment dealer focused on rental sales and service parts. Located in five states, primarily in the Southern U.S., and serving customers dutifully for over 80 years, Scott is proud to represent the world’s finest manufacturers of construction equipment, cranes, and specialty equipment, including Volvo, Case, Kobelco, and more. Scott also has more than 200 factory-certified technicians and close to a $10 million parts inventory.


Several problems emerged after Scott Equipment transitioned away from traditional plotlines — primarily, their inefficient piecemeal setup. So, they decided to bring all operations inhouse and move into a system call manager with EarthLink, their primary carrier. However, this change created even more headaches. EarthLink had a SIP on the backend through MPLS, causing various SIP-related issues for Scott.

EarthLink proved to be less than ideal — and after three long years of constantly troubleshooting voice issues, Scott had enough and switched to a Cicso Telco call manager system, which unfortunately led to system misconfigurations, costing $14,000 in toll fraud.


  • Managers saved 20–50% more time during the day through the workable flow
  • CAP enabled customers to easily check service and invoices and pay bills through text, enhancing satisfaction
  • Peace of mind for all things “phones”
  • Several years without any major outages
  • Massively reduced toll fraud


Scott dropped its carrier and began looking for a long-term partnership. This time, however, it wanted the help of a company leading the industry — that partner was IntelePeer. Immediately, IntelePeer brought to light the holdover misconfigurations Scott had from Cisco Telco’s call manager and quickly resolved those issues. It also turned off international dialing, reducing toll fraud.

Additionally, Scott wanted to migrate its voice infrastructure and wasn’t sure which communication platform to choose. IntelePeer suggested that Scott consider Communications Automation Platform (CAP), and after demoing the solution, it is excited about using the platform to future-proof communication efforts. IntelePeer continues to provide support for Scott via training on CAP and even developed a workable flow with its branches helping open and close stores or swiftly change on-call individuals.

“Before IntelePeer, when we were using our previous carrier’s SIP, we had to fight them tooth and nail every single day for three years.”

Aaron Coody

Systems Administrator

Scott Equipment

“IntelePeer had been nothing but awesome, and my account manager is fantastic. Ever since we switched to IntelePeer, everything communication-wise has gotten so much better. They are always on top of things and are there immediately when I need support — they’ll fix any issue I have, even if our previous carrier caused the problem.”

Aaron Coody

Systems Administrator

Scott Equipment