Customer Story: Pharmaceutical Company

A pharmaceutical manufacturer uses CPaaS to improve customer engagement with automation and omnichannel communications.

Challenge: Needed a solution to help address the needs of customers such as setting up pill reminders, automating pill refills, and delivering medications.


  • Associate Director
  • Senior Project Managers
  • Senior Brand Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Contact Center Program Managers
  • Category Manager, Patient Services

How they use IntelePeer’s CPaaS

  • SmartFlows + Voice automates the delivery of prescription and safety information to inbound callers.
  • SmartFlows + Voice + API to send patient daily pill reminders and monthly refill reminders.

Benefits gained from using IntelePeer’s CPaaS

  • Cost Savings: No-code capability enables delivery of new information programs and patient services without IT resources required, while reducing total cost of ownership for customer communications.
  • Customer Experience: Omni-channel automation enables new ways to engage with customers and measure the results of customer engagement across channels and programs.

Why they chose IntelePeer:

  • IntelePeer’s personalized service and support makes it easy to accomplish the customers goals.
  • SmartFlows ease-of-use enables quick delivery of new programs at the business unit level.
  • CPaaS product roadmap ensures continued new capabilities for engaging customers.
  • IntelePeer’s services are independent of premises infrastructure that can go down from time to time.

Pharmaceutical Jump To/Jump From flow

This is one of the flows the company uses to improve patient engagement by providing a hotline for medication information. Connected with the Jump To and Jump From actions, these flows connect the generic welcome message with flows specific to each medication. So once a caller goes through the same menu as every other caller, they are then brought to a flow that is built specifically for their needs.

Key actions included:

First Flow –

Inbound Call: Prepares the flow for an incoming call.

Switch: As a control action, Switch determines the path of the user based which medication they are calling about.

Jump To: Each medication has it’s own Jump To action because each has it’s own individual flow. Once the individual flows for each are created, they can be connected through the Jump To action.

Second Flow –

Jump From: In order to receive inbound callers from other flows, the Jump From action but exist and be configured for each flow it will receive.