Improve business continuity and customer interactions with cloud queuing.

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Improved customer interactions

Ensure customers can reach the right person, even when emergencies arise.

Create critical redundancies

Redirect traffic to locations and agents based on availability.

Increased agility

Adjust call queues in minutes when emergencies or regulatory changes occur.

Optimize legacy networks

Leverage cloud queuing for easy, low-cost upgrades.


Automate and leverage AI to customize the call experience

SmartQueuing includes IVR, automatic surveys, and call-back options ensure fast, reliable response times. Automating and customizing the call experience provides an exceptional customer experience, every time.

Increase ROI

Reduce lost revenue from dropped calls

Ensure your customers can easily contact sales or service if an unexpected disruption occurs. SmartQueuing uses cloud queuing technology to keep customers in touch so that they don’t go to the competition.


Disruptions happen. Be ready with SmartQueuing.

Whether it’s a major storm or a technical glitch, ensure your customers can get in touch when the unexpected occurs. With SmartQueuing, calls can be queued or re-directed to different locations and departments to ensure communication continuity during unexpected outages.

Watch and learn how cloud queuing technology can be used to maintain communications during a disruption.

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Why choose SmartQueuing

Business continuity isn’t a bonus but an imperative.’s SmartQueuing offering ensures customers get their calls answered in a timely manner. Easily configure within minutes through our award-winning marketplace app, then infuse AI-powered automation to customize the call and cloud queuing experience using SmartFlows.

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